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Steiner Optics Partners with Centrifuge Training to Enhance Tactical Optics Training

Greeley, CO – Steiner Optics, a leading provider of high-quality optical equipment, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Centrifuge Training, a respected training organization specializing in tactical skills development. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the way tactical optics training is conducted and provide law enforcement, military, and professional shooters with cutting-edge techniques and tools for enhanced performance in the field.

Steiner Optics has long been recognized for its commitment to innovation and precision in optics manufacturing. With a rich heritage dating back over 70 years, Steiner has consistently delivered exceptional products known for their durability, clarity, and reliability. From binoculars and riflescopes to laser devices and rangefinders, Steiner Optics offers a comprehensive range of optics solutions tailored to meet the demanding needs of professionals across various industries.

Centrifuge Training, founded by a team of experienced defense professionals with extensive backgrounds in law enforcement and military operations, is dedicated to providing top-tier training programs that enable individuals to develop and refine their tactical skills. The organization’s comprehensive curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including firearms proficiency, tactical operations, and situational awareness.

By partnering with Centrifuge Training, Steiner Optics aims to bring their industry-leading optical technology into the training arena, enhancing the effectiveness and realism of tactical training exercises. The integration of Steiner’s state-of-the-art optics with Centrifuge Training’s immersive programs will offer trainees a unique opportunity to experience real-world scenarios with unparalleled clarity and precision.

Together, Steiner Optics and Centrifuge Training will collaborate on various initiatives, including the development of specialized training programs. Steiner’s advanced optics will be integrated into Centrifuge Training’s curriculum, enabling participants to optimize their skills using the latest optical technology in realistic training environments.

Steiner Optics and Centrifuge Training are excited about the possibilities this partnership presents. By leveraging their respective expertise, the collaboration will set a new standard in tactical optics training, equipping professionals with the tools they need to excel in critical situations.

For more information about Steiner Optics and Centrifuge Training, please visit their respective websites at and

About Steiner

For over 70 years, Steiner has made trusted optics for life’s defining moments. The successful pursuit and capture of these moments demand the fast and precise detection, location, and identification of a distant objective. Whether the objective is wildlife, a marine bearing, law enforcement suspects, or military combatant, Steiner products enhance an individual’s most important sense, vision, so that on land or sea –– Nothing Escapes You. For more information, visit the company website at

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